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The financial industry is experiencing a paradigm shift, and interestingly, this unprecedented change within the industry is causing a disruption to investments and businesses across different industries and sectors. elivise is a premium financial service provider looking to bridge the gap between digital assets and capital markets by offering traditional investment institutions, venture capital firms, family offices, hedge funds and high net-worth individuals exceptional investment services and insights into the world of blockchain, digital assets and decentralized financial markets.


The blockchain market has prospects and is evolving fast. elivise is on a mission to draw more capital into the market to help transform the global economy and lead the 4th industrial revolution. We achieve this by helping investors understand the technology behind it, raise their awareness to its potentials and provide them with exposure to the blockchain ecosystem and digital assets. We tailor our services around our client’s individual needs and provide them with all the tools and information needed to empower them to make well informed investment decisions.


We cannot be an outstanding financial service provider if we do not have the right team in place working hard to ensure that standards are not compromised. It may interest you to know that our team consists of experts and professionals from the finance, blockchain, and technology industry. Each member of our global and multinational team has a vast in knowledge from different backgrounds and industry. We offer a combined 30+ years of experience with leadership and experience firmly highlighted in our focus from industrial, academic and research background.

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